Investment RFP 2023

Questions and Answers

  1. Is the Retirement System seeking services from a non-discretionary investment consultant? A non-discretionary consultant who is prepared to execute fund flows and rebalancing at your explicit direction? Or a fully outsourced discretionary asset manager with authority to invest your funds as they see fit?While the RFP is directed towards a non-discretionary investment consultant, discretionary solutions will be considered.
  2. Is the Board of Trustees meeting schedule for 2024 available? If so, can you please provide it?The 2024 meeting schedule has not been approved for 2024, but meetings are generally every other month. The investment consultant is expected to attend each of these meetings preferably in person but can meet remote.
  3. Is DARS expecting to have an Asset Liability study done in 2024? When was the last study conducted?DARS has not performed a recent Asset-Liability study and does not plan to perform one for 2024.